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Feb 28, 2013 5:30am PST
gear. >> i am in nairobi. reporting on how technology experts are using crowd sourcing to pinpoint troublesome ports -- trouble spots around the country. >> tropical cyclone rusty has now been downgraded. the final warning has been issued. plenty of clouds coming out of that system, plenty of rain down in australia. to the far north of queensland, very big downpours here. well over 100 millimeters in 24 hours. it will stay very disturbed. notice, too, this area to the southeast. that is a problem maker. we have seen flooding in new south wales. the system will stay in the vicinity over the next couple of days, and we could easily see another 100, 1 hundred 20 millimeters over the next 24 to 36 hours. that is likely to cause problems. temperatures in sydney around 21 degrees celsius. the remnants of cyclone rusty, the possibility that it moves across the valley, but the wind certainly with no problems now. no problems with the weather across a good part of south asia. fine and dry here. 34 celsius. showers in sri lanka for the second half of the weekend. l "the flaw," coming this ma
Feb 3, 2013 5:30am PST
. >> campaigning in nairobi has been peaceful so far. since the last election there is a new constitution that has powered these qualified candidates to resolve to put an end to the violence. but the potential for power has divided the country. >> the prime minister in western kenya. he is up against one of the country's richest men. the candidate is considered a possible kingmaker in the election, his peace coalition has strong support among strides and he accuses his rivals a polarizing people. >> the of the coalition's who are competing with us seem to have an ax to grind against each other. we are completely different in the sense that we do not have an ax to grind. >> a student voting for the first time, he says he is disillusioned with politicians making election pledges that they cannot keep. >> now they say they will give us 1 million jobs annually? they say they will fight for us, but us is too much of the country. >> kenyan politicians also say that they will not allow violence this time around. kenyans are hoping that this is one promise they actually keep. aljazee
Feb 26, 2013 5:30am PST
monday night. more from nairobi. >> they walk to their eighth presidential hopefuls face one another for the second and final live television debate. economy, corruption, and the issue of land ownership. it was on corruption that the gloves came off. >> it is absolutely not true. what was happening in the 1990's is i am a professor, we are the ones who brought up the issue of the -- let me tell you, some of us have had to pay very high prices. >> my office was merely coordinating. being executed by nine ministries -- six ministries to be exact. it was executed and to the end in that financial year. about 300,000 jobs were created. >> there was a moment when the little known mohammed -- took a swipe of the other candidates defense of the record. >>[laughter] >> kenyatta, the son of kenya's founding president -- faced up to accusations the family got land under questionable circumstances. >> i have never been accused of any impropriety in terms of grabbing anybody's lands. land that we on as a family is land that that has been purchased on the basis of willing by here and willing seller. >
Feb 13, 2013 5:30am PST
to life in a nairobi studio, even if it is a cartoon. this is the sense of a hugely popular satirical show. it bush's parodies to the limit. the two campaigners chew a mild narcotics. the director believes they need to keep up the pressure. >> we claim to be democratic, but we are hypocrites. we still move toward tribalism and corruption. the show brings out the issues that affect canada as a whole. >> there's a growing part counterculture challenging the political structure and fueling the debate. the artists are using humor as a way of dealing with difficult subject and it acts as a social safety area. they are able to raise issues that might otherwise stay off the agenda. like the puppets, his drawings take aim at campaign rhetoric. he relishes jabbing politics in the eye, whatever the cost. >> this is confrontational art and you have a license to offend people. you are always under pressure to appear neutral. >> its neutrality means poking fun at the entire political class and exposing their rhetoric, he and his colleagues relished the challenge. al jazeera, nairobi. >>
Feb 10, 2013 11:00pm PST
debate by the millions. but in nairobi, most thought it might not make much difference. >> these guys know they're manifestoes, what ever. they are more or less the same. matter of who to vote for. >> i am not one of them. but no matter how it goes, people are going to be with their families. >> they suggest the most critical group is swing voters to make a tender sense out of the electorate. the minor candidates will be given equal billing with the main candidates. a lot of analysts believe it will be able to gain additional support. that makes a second round even more likely. this is the first-ever presidential debate here -- nobody's quite sure what effect it might have. al jazeera, nairobi. >> a spanish worker says he will accept a prestigious israeli literary award against the wishes of palestinians. he denies he would be accepting israel's policies by accepting the jerusalem prize. it is given to others to tackle scenes of human freedom. still ahead, the snowy london night for the u.k. film awards. we tell you who won big. and in sports, a 19-year wait for african football ' s b
Feb 20, 2013 12:00am EST
orphanage for elephants located just outside nairobi in kenya. the elephants have been orphaned because their parents--their mothers, mainly--have been killed by poachers for their ivory. as we reported in april 2009, a young elephant can only survive a day or two without milk. so the orphanage's first job is to feed them. the principal of the orphanage--the principal, headmistress, head nurse, and ceo--is dame daphne sheldrick. she founded the place and has been working with elephants for 50 years. >> this is little seguta. this is the one that was in a coma... >> oh, right. >> when she arrived, was on a drip for 24 hours. we never thought she'd be alive in the morning. so she's our little miracle, this one. >> but daphne's problem is that she's caring for too many miracles. poachers are killing more and more elephants for their tusks, creating more and more orphans. a few african countries have been given the right to sell their ivory stockpiles--more than 100 tons of tusks--to china and japan. and conservationists point out, this is yet another blow to africa's elephants. do you see
Feb 9, 2013 1:30pm PST
, nairobi, new york city, atlanta, georgia, or in memphis, the cry is always the same. we want to be free. this global vision of the world led me to see that the african-american struggle was only one aspect of a worldwide struggle which i have come to see as history's greatest freedom struggle. during the past 2-1/2 centuries, a majority of humanity has overcome major systems of oppression. notably inherited forms of status based on race, class, and generalder. and this transformation of the world's peasants, and many of us are not too many generations removed from peasantery, has been the most important achievement of the modern age. * and i have learned that this freedom struggle has been accomplished not simply through this transformation accomplished not simply through freedom struggles, but through the mass migrationses that brought my parents out of the south toward opportunities in the north. and with that great transformation of peasants into citizens is still going on right here in san francisco and in california. he chose to end, and i'll end, his great oration on that last day
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Feb 22, 2013 1:00am PST
you born in? it's me and the answer, of course, nairobi memorial. wait, hold on! so -- the republicans want information on the benghazi attack which the white house says is pointless. the democrat s wan to know the legal justification for the drone killing which the president says is totally legitimate. it's clear what the president is going to do next. >> the norkts reports the -- "new york times" reports they are cooperating. rather than agreeing with democrats to release classified information on the legal just fictions involved in the targeted killing drone program. >> jon: what? do you remember the state of the union with the promise of transparency on the drones. the state of the union speech promises are supposed to be slightly more durable than new year's resolutions. it's been ten days, my man. i was on atkins after january 1 for 12 days. come on. i shouldn't be surprised. there was the telltale cutaway as he was talking about transparency during the state of the union. >> that our efforts are more transparent to the american people and to the world. [ applause ] [
Feb 27, 2013 5:30am PST
least 35 people have been killed after an overcrowded bus crashed in kenya. it was heading from nairobi. the driver had been speeding. many of the passengers had been going back to their hometowns in the north in order to vote in monday's election. in north korea, the government will allow foreigners to surf the internet from their mobile phones. this is unprecedented connectivity in a country long regarded as the world's most isolated. north koreans will remain banned from using wireless. chuck hagel has been confirmed as the new defense secretary in the u.s. he was a final vote in the u.s. senate overcoming blocking tactics by republicans. reports from washington. >> the nomination is confirmed. chuck hagel chuck had to wait seven weeks to be confirmed as u.s. defense secretary. now he might be wishing the delay had lasted longer. >> that is a direct question. >> republican senators held up this nomination saying he was too soft on iran, to willing to get rid of the u.s. nuclear weapons arsenal, and too tough on israel. >> he is obviously not qualified for the job. he holds dangerousl
Feb 15, 2013 5:30am PST
injustice that people feel could lead to more violence. in september, a nairobi court ruled the powerful family is the rightful owner of 9000 hectares of land. thousands of coastal people now face interaction. >> they are very angry, they say they are ready to die but they will not leave this land. they cannot do anything if the government will not get inside this problem and solve this problem. >> others take little or no interest in the land at all. it is estimated more than 70,000 hectares on this part of the coast is owned by absentee landlords. >> this land is not taxed great it is laying idle. -- this land is not taxed. it is landy -- it is laying idle. they do not have any land. >> land ownership means everything to kenyans. a title deed can secure a bank loan and lift families out of poverty. that is something people here are willing to fight for. politicians counting on their votes need to remember that. >> the quick -- the fifth annual state of the nation address, many say it is a missed opportunity to initiate change when the area has been shaken by industrial unrest or it cor
Feb 26, 2013 3:00pm PST
rebuilt. the streets of the capitol nairobi bustled with the middle class office workers that signal africa's rise in the global economy. the government has resettled many of the people displaced by the fighting and given them money and housing to restart their lives. but in the rift valley the epicenter of the violence, small, desolate camps have displaced people still dot the countryside. within these tents, you begin to hear about the remaining fractures in kenyan society that will take more than one election cycle to repair. >> this... reporter: this advocate warns that many kenyans like those in these camps and others who have sheltered with relatives are stuck in limbo. why then was it too dangerous for these people to go home if others could? >> it depends where you came from. there's quite a number of them who have been able to go back but most who are... the majority of them even some of the houses which have been constructed by the government people have not gone back. secondly the whole problem... >> reporter: while some families living at this camp are still on the resett
Feb 24, 2013 8:00pm EST
. 1991, i went to nairobi, stayed there until 1995. then i went to hong kong. i spent a lot of time in indonesia during that time as well. in 2000, i moved to paris. i became the paris bureau chief ."r the washington p"the washint from paris, i was in iraq and afghanistan a bit. i traveled pretty much everywhere. came back to washington in 2005 to be an editor. in 2007, i went to new york to be the new york bureau chief. another fantastic job. i got a piece of the 2008 presidential election at that time. in 2009, they asked me to go back to china. >> you were here in 1997. i want to show a clip of that when you were here for a book about africa when you were stationed over there. where did you live? >> nairobi. >> let's watch this. we will continue. [video clip] >> i do not hate africa or the africans. i hate the corruption. i hate the brutality, the inhumanity, the kids who point guns in my face, the big men who scare away billions in the swiss bank account. i hate the propensity of africa to roll over and wallow and indoor this suffering without taking it to the streets and doing mor
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 66 (some duplicates have been removed)